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USA Badminton  (USAB)

U.S.A.B. Regional Badminton Associations  Region 1 - Northeast, Region 2- Midwest, Region 3 - Southern, Region 4 - Northwest,  Region 5 - Southwest,  Region 6 - Northern Calif - Bay Area       

 U.S.A.Badminton...  Court Officials - Line Judges, Umpires, Referees


BWF  (Badminton World Federation

Governs Africa, Asia, Europe, Oceania and Pan America  (USA) Confederations.

 BWF -  Laws (Rules) of Badminton   (updated June 2012)
               Section 1Section 2,
              Section 1-
Appendex 4



Badminton Pan American Confederation (BPAC

Governs Brazil, Canada, Columbia, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Mexico and USA Badminton.

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