Board of Directors

Jun Bautista 
Email: rybautistajr@yahoo.com
Phone: 951 313-7492

Mohammad E. Shariff
Executive Vice President
Email: meshariff1@hotmail.com
Phone: 818-216-8034

Tom Wilmshurst
Administrative Vice President
Email: tw2photo@gmail.com
Phone: 626 287-2546

Bob Cook
Treasurer  & Chairman-Player Rating Committee Chair ..."The Rating System"
Email: frogs4ever@aol.com
Phone: 818-501-0161


  Mary Langer
Email: bertlanger@charter.net
Phone: 818 569-9411



Facebook  Development
Jun Bautista rybautistajr@yahoo.com
Phone: 951 313-7492

Website                                                      Tom Wilmshurst tw2photo@gmail.com    Phone:  626  287-2546

Where to Play Badminton
Mary Langer bertlanger@charter.net
Phone: 818  569-9411

Public Relations
Mary Langer 
Phone: 818  569-9411

BWF Liaison
Paisan Rangsikitpho PaisanR@gmail.com

Phone: 562-858-2011

CIF Liaison
Thai Pham thai.pham423@gmail.com
Phone: 626 416-9409

Line Judge Development
Tom Wilmshurst  tw2photo@hotmail.com
Phone: 626 287-2546

Umpire/Officials Development
Elaine Kong  ekong@dhs.lacounty.gov
Phone: 310-222-2599

 Interested in serving on a committee?  Please contact an SCBA Board Member today!